Kids Manifest

You Can Be and Become Anything You Put Your Mind To…

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            Thank you for taking the time to look at The Kids Manifest series. These stories serve as a fun, helpful reference and guide for preschool and early elementary aged children and families, emphasizing and expanding on the power they possess. Kids Manifest is a series of three stories that each highlight the three main components of manifesting:

Dreaming and Imagining – Happy In The Morning Happy At Night

Happy In The Morning Happy At Night is the first book in the Kids Manifest series showing children how to imagine themselves “being” and “doing” what they are passionate about! This story is a journey around the world depicting kids and their daily practice of visualizing their passions in the morning and at night. Consciously imagining yourself being who and what you want to be is both empowering and fun! 

Putting in the Work – The Jumps

The Jumps is the third book in the Kids Manifest series that shows all 3 fundamentals: dreaming and imagining, gratitude and mindfulness and putting in the hard work. As we all know “the work” is probably THE ingredient when it comes to the 3 fundamentals of Manifesting! Through the character Benji this story shows what it means “to put his mind to it”; by doing this an idea comes and that great idea catapults a major step towards his dream coming true! 

Gratitude and Positive Thinking – Coming Soon!

This is a story of a girl going through her day with one thing after another going wrong. This story highlights the importance of staying focused on what you would like to see, rather than what you don’t want to see, while staying thankful and in the moment!